Re-downloading Previously Purchased or Pushed Content using Push To

This tutorial will highlight how to re-download content that was either previously purchased via the Media Store, or pushed by ClickView as part of regular curriculum library updates.

Note: This procedure is only available to those with Administrative Teacher accounts. For more information on this, please refer to the following help article:

Managing Administrative Contacts in ClickView Online

Accessing Library Updates

Available content can be found by navigating to the Library tab on ClickView Online and then scrolling down to the Library Updates option at the bottom of the list on the left pane.

The following page will list all the available library updates and videos purchased by your school account in reverse chronological order.

Some titles may display a green tick next to Push to Library Publisher. These are just friendly reminders that these titles have already been pushed to the library, but these can be ignored if these files are missing in your ClickView library. 

Note: content re-acquired this way will create a duplicate item in your library if it already exists.

Clicking the Push to Library Publisher button will then notify Publisher of the request, as indicated in the following image.

Clicking the cloud icon takes you to the Content Download Notification area where you can then download the video to your Library.

Guidance on how the Push To functionality works, can be found at the article below.

ClickView Online 'Push to' Notification Feature

Once the title has downloaded, it will then be available within the 'Curriculum Library Updates' Working Folder.


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